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This is why I love Australian music. 

One of my favourite Like A Versions ever.

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"I want something else. I’m not even sure what to call it anymore except I know it feels roomy and it’s drenched in sunlight and it’s weightless and I know it’s not cheap. It’s probably not even real."

Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves (via larmoyante)

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"It’s strange that most of the time we never think of people leaving and you just think that they will always be around. Then, one day, they are gone and you have this big empty space inside your chest. But, that’s all I know so far. I don’t know if you ever stop missing them or if one day you can let them back into your life and hope that they won’t hurt you again."

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"i am not your cigarette break."

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"I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone."

Dan Howell (via remembertosmileyou)

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"When I’m hurt, I shut down. I turn into a total sarcastic bitch. I shut off my emotions, and act indifferent towards everything even though it might be killing me inside."

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"And then we never spoke again."

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"Two February’s ago, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was anchored to my bed with the sadness I was letting myself drown in. Now, I daydream about surviving on 3 hours of sleep, I dread going to bed, I keep my eyes open as long as I can. My heart sinks when the sun sets, I crave daylight; I’ve fallen in love with being alive."

Madisen Kuhn, January 18, 2014 journal entry (via praises)

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"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations."

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